This is a simple landing page that shows how to capture UTM parameters in hidden fields. If you clicked on a link that contains UTM values in the URL, you will see them populate in the corresponding fields. 

Read more from our previous post that describes UTM Tracking & Marketo - Part 1. By submitting your information, you will get an email back with all the values on this form so you can see that it successfully made it through. If you change any of these parameters on the URL and refresh the page, you will see the new values in the form. 
  • Campaign Source: (utm_source)
  • Campaign Medium (utm_medium)
  • Campaign Term (utm_term)
  • Campaign Content (utm_content)
  • Campaign Name (utm_campaign)

  • You will not be solicited for any reason from filling this out. Your information will get deleted from this program almost as soon as it enters our Marketo instance.
  • Our developers have not approved the responsive nature of this landing page as I am a rogue element on this.
  • The word "Submit" in the call to action is meant in a technical way and does not imply submission of any sort to this form or other forms in the future.
  • No live or digital animals were hurt or used in the making of this and no Pokemons are lurking here.
You've Made It!!!!